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Thoughts on “Open-Carry”

“Open Carry” (often referred to as “Constitutional Carry”) is a term used to describe the unconcealed carrying of a firearm (the operative word being “unconcealed”). This is what most on-duty police officers and armed military personnel do, but in this context it typically refers to civilians (or citizens). Open-Carry differs from Concealed-Carry in that the […]

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LEO Encounter: Traffic Stop

Recently we ran an article detailing our recommendations on how to conduct yourself during a traffic stop while armed. Ironically, one of our writers, Joe Levi, ran into just such a situation only days after the story was run. The following is his account in his words (used with permission). It’s been years since I […]

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Effective Concealed Carry in an Office Environment

Question Most of the time while at work my suit jacket is off so I just have suit pants, shirt, tie, etc.  The way I figure my pretty much ONLY option for carry is an ankle rig.  Pocket carry would seem just too difficult to conceal… even with a 642.  Anything I’m missing here? Answer […]

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Carrying Loaded or Unloaded

A reader of a forum posted this question (paraphrased): This may be odd to some, I have been carrying my firearm for about a month and have yet to carry it fully loaded. I’m just now getting used to the Holster and weight. When I’m carrying I think about what if something happens and I […]

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